Greetings, Colleagues:

As always, it is our pleasure to bring you information about initiatives around the country that are making important strides in education reform. This issue of Connections reflects a broad geographic spectrum, from Wyoming and Minnesota to South Carolina and Florida. Each featured program is doing important work in ensuring the academic and career success of our nation's students, and in ensuring that American business and industry have access to an ample pool of well-qualified employees.

Please plan to join us at the 2010 NCPN conference in Dallas, Texas, on October 20–23. With an impressive roster of keynote speakers and numerous optional workshops and preconferences, not to mention over 200 breakout sessions, the conference promises to be excellent. It's a top-notch professional development opportunity, one of the best in the country. We would love to see you there.

David Bond, Director, NCPN (
Mark Whitney, Editor, Connections

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