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This newsletter features six articles from five states and a national organization. All the articles are about online resources for assisting counselors, students, and anyone else who wants to explore career pathways. There is also an announcement about the Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award administered by NCPN and sponsored by Kuder, Inc., a provider of career options for students and adults. (Read more)

Go here for a personal note from our director and a special announcement about a change in the NCPN leadership.

In our technological society, where it seems the only constant is change, a means of accessing up-to-date and accurate information is paramount. High school counselors and the students they serve benefit from consistent knowledge that guides successful secondary-to-postsecondary transition. Awareness by counselors of opportunities for students to earn college credit while still in high school helps to empower students to realize purpose and direction during their academic years. (Read more)

The "Career Pathways Project" at Western Nevada College provides an online roadmap that enables students, counselors, families, and stakeholders to easily locate information about the college's applied science programs, and the careers to which those programs lead. (Read more)

In 2011, the state of Florida learned about a Career Pathways grant that was "coming down the pipe." Excited but also unsure about what it would mean, Lake Technical Center wrote for and received the grant and set about to "transform" its traditional adult education program into a true career pathways system. (Read more)

Missouri's Guidance e-Learning Center is a one-stop repository for resources that assist school counselors in implementing their guidance and counseling programs. It was developed to provide free resources to school counselors across the state to assist them in the development of their guidance and counseling programs. The Center is structured along the state's model for comprehensive guidance and counseling with the content areas of academic, career, and personal/social development providing the center of focus for the website. (Read more)

With over 420 school districts in Wisconsin, each governed by a separate school board, how does the state get everyone involved in moving forward with career pathways? Answer: By building a website! The website integrates development of secondary-to-postsecondary programs of study with student academic career planning within Wisconsin's career clusters framework. (Read more)

Career pathways can be much more effective when they involve an interactive and engaging presentation. Online career maps offer a way to organize and present complex career path data in a holistic and easy-to-use format. (Read more)

The Miami-Dade County Public Schools (March 6–8) and the East Penn School District (PA) (April 28–30) will highlight outstanding career programs during the National School Boards Association's Technology Leadership Network site visits. Attendees include leadership teams comprising teachers, administrators, and school board members anxious to understand how vision, policy, and practice intersect around technology to create improved student achievement and address the digital divide. Visits involve classroom observations and mini-briefings. (Read more)
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