Barrington Irving
First African-American to fly solo around the world

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Jim "Brodie" Brazell
Venture Catalyst

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Jeannie Justice

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Libby Livings-Eassa

Libby shares her recent experiences in Louisiana.

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Debbie Mills, Director, NCPN

Big shoes to fill . . . big shoes to fill. Those words have kept echoing in my mind since David Bond announced his retirement as NCPN Director and I accepted that title. How will I ever fill David's shoes? I have known David for approximately 20 years . . . first when I was an impressionable and relatively new Tech Prep director at Danville Area Community College (IL), where I hung on to every word from him . . . trying to learn more and more about improving career technical education (CTE). Later as I joined CORD, David mentored me in my new position. He has always been the most helpful and kind person. I want to thank him for all his help in moving career pathways forward and for helping and mentoring me through the years. I wish David and his lovely wife, Karen, good luck in all their retirement endeavors. (Read)


David Bond, Outgoing Director, NCPN

Recently, as outgoing NCPN Director, I served as a subject matter expert for the Adult Career Pathways (ACP) Training and Support Center, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Vocational and Adult Education. Here is a summary of the report titled "Engaging Employers to Support Adult Career Pathways Programs." The full 10-page issue brief is available online. (Read)


Kathy D'Antoni, West Virginia Department of Education

Beginning as a pilot project in 2013–2014, the West Virginia Department of Education will implement a new initiative, Simulated Workplaces, which will enhance the delivery of career and technical education (CTE) at the high school level. This initiative, which will be rolled out to all state-approved CTE programs over a three-year period, will transform traditional classrooms into simulated workplace environments that emulate the structure, processes, and expectations that students will face when they matriculate into the employment sector, while continuing to focus on student mastery of the content skill sets for each specified CTE program. (Read)


Gateway Technical College, Kenosha, Wisconsin

In 2005 Gateway Technical College was approached by numerous local employers citing a growing need for CNC operators based on projected retirements. Gateway offers a one-year CNC Production Technician Technical Diploma, which typically graduates 12 students per year. This volume was not meeting the growing needs of employers throughout the tri-county area. Employers required a more rapid process to fill open positions. Many stated that applicants were not qualified for their open positions, either because they did not have the necessary skill set or otherwise did not meet their hiring needs. Employers asked Gateway to "find a way to teach people the importance of being on time and showing up daily for work." (Read)


Preview of the 2013 NACPL Forum

Howdy Y'all! Are you a leader dedicated to the development and advancement of Career Pathways and other related initiatives? Are you looking to network with other leaders from across the nation involved with developing and sustaining strong programs of study, preparing students and adults for viable career paths? Are you looking to learn how to better forge partnerships with business/industry in today's economic times for your Career and Technical Education Programs? If you answered yes, come on over and join the folks at the National Association for Career Pathways Leadership Annual Forum. (Read)

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