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Ben Robinson
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Debbie Mills, Director, NCPN

This newsletter is all about winners of the 2013 Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award. The winners—(1) Toyota North American Production Support Center and Bluegrass Community and Technical College; (2) Career Readiness Certificate Program, Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center; and (3) Ranken Technical College—will be honored at this year's NCPN conference in San Antonio. We look forward to seeing you there. (Read)


Phil Harrington, President of Kuder, Inc.

Kuder, Inc. is truly honored to sponsor the 2013 Career Pathways Partnership Excellence Award. This year's winners are achieving exceptional results, and we congratulate them on their exemplary efforts.

As Kuder celebrates 75 years of providing comprehensive tools and resources to career planners at all life stages, we are especially grateful for the talent and dedication shown by these organizations and individuals. Through their outstanding collaborative efforts, students and adults are gaining the knowledge and skills valued and needed in today's workplace.


Toyota North American Production Support Center and Bluegrass Community and Technical College

The goal of the AMT Program is to produce technicians for advanced manufacturing who are as capable as those from the best technical education programs in the world. This will ensure that U.S. manufacturing has a human talent stream that is second to none. The AMT Program has three major phases: K–12 engagement and recruiting, a 2-year college associate degree, and a 1–2-year internship. (Read)


Career Readiness Certificate Program, Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

The Virginia Workforce Council (VWC) adopted the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), administered by Virginia's community colleges, as a state performance measure for workforce investment boards in January 2008. The CRC Program is based on the ACT-developed skill database, which contains over 18,000 detailed job profiles. By matching job profile information with individual scores on the WorkKeys assessments, employers can make reliable decisions about hiring and training and determine program development needs. (Read)


Ranken Technical College

Technology and electronics continue to influence the automotive industry, in both manufacturing techniques and driver/passenger amenities. As a result, area manufacturers, dealerships, and repair shops need technicians who possess advanced skills. In response to this need, Ranken offers three majors in its Automotive Division: Automotive Maintenance, Collision Repair, and High-Performance Racing. (Read)


Recognized for "Exemplary Practice Cutting Edge Advisory Board" by the National Academy Foundation

The A. J. Moore Academies at University High School in Waco, Texas, have created a model Advisory Board worth replicating, according to the National Academy Foundation, a national leader in the movement to prepare young people for college and career success. The A. J. Moore Academies at University High school represent all five NAF academy themes: Engineering, Finance, Health Sciences, Hospitality and Tourism, and Information Technology. (Read)


Alaska Career Pathways Network

Alaskan educators, employers, and policymakers are working together to pave new pathways for career success throughout the last frontier. The work has gained significant momentum in the past two years, using a Strategic Doing© methodology to align, link, and leverage efforts for greater impact. (Read)

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