Vol. 25, No. 1: Great Things Happening in the New Year

The California Career Pathways Trust

Providing the roadmap to college and careers . . .

The California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant is a unique and highly competitive program that builds on the creation of partnerships between K–12 schools, community colleges, and businesses to identify local and regional employer needs for the present and the future. These partnership consortia then develop Career Pathways that connect the K–12 programs and community college programs to the business community through a variety of work-based learning activities such as job shadowing and apprenticeships, with the ultimate goal of employment. Once students have identified the types of careers they are interested in, the Career Pathways serve as roadmaps or plans that show the students and parents what courses they need to take at both the high school and college levels in order to prepare them for success in college and careers.

Through work-based learning, business participation, and industry-sector-specific curriculum, these programs have much more relevance to participating students than do conventional classroom courses, and they better prepare students for participation in the 21st-century workplace. These programs lead students to two-year degrees, certificates, or four-year degrees that prepare them for high-skill jobs in growing industries. The application process was a joint effort involving the California Department of Education, the California Community College System, and the California Workforce Investment Board.

The initial grant, awarded in 2014 through AB 86, was for a total of $250 million. Of the 123 applicants, 39 were awarded grants ranging from $600,000 to $15 million dollars. Because of the success of the first round of funding and the demand for continuation, the legislature added another round of funding for 2015. This year's grant is for an additional $250 million and has reporting requirements until 2018.

A new and exciting portion of the CCPT funding will be the availability of Consortium Development Grants. The purpose of these smaller grants is to assist interested groups in examining the feasibility of creating local and regional consortia in their areas. During the first year the funding is to be used to bring groups together to discuss and explore local workforce issues and how the creation of Career Pathways can help address these shortages. The funding for the second year is to be used to start the work of implementing one or more Career Pathways.

For more information, contact Kevin J. Shyne, Educational Programs Consultant, California Career Pathways Trust, California Department of Education, at kshyne@cde.ca.gov.

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