Volume 27, No. 2: Career Pathways—Gateway to the Future

Special Event: AMT Workshop Coming Soon!

Join us May 23–25 in DC to learn more about building skilled talent pipelines for advanced manufacturing technicians (AMT)!

Registration for the Manufacturing Career Pathways Network 2017 AMT Pathways Workshop is now open!

The workshop will focus on replication of the Toyota AMT program—a nationally recognized best practice.

The Toyota AMT program has been busy growing its reach and impact in the years since it won the 1st Place Partnership Excellence Award at the 2013 NCPN conference in San Antonio. At that time, the program had 18 employer partners. To be more inclusive, the program has dropped the Toyota name and is now known as the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME). The program has expanded dramatically, encompassing nine states, 23 education providers, almost 500 active students, and nearly 300 employers—with continued growth in the pipeline for later this summer. The program has also continued to gain national recognition, earning six additional honors since the 2013 NCPN award.

Over 70 percent of our students graduate on-time (associate degree), and over 95 percent of our graduates are placed full-time with their sponsoring employers in jobs that can earn $50,000–$75,000 during the first year. The AMT pathway now includes an Advanced Manufacturing Business (AMB) continuation to a bachelor’s degree, and two master’s-level programs are also in place. All previously earned credits are incorporated, thus enabling students to move forward seamlessly. Similarly, the Advanced Manufacturing Engineer (AME) pathway, another continuation from the AMT level, is being piloted at a university (soon to be two). Partnerships with local school districts and with national organizations that provide high-quality STEM engagement from kindergarten through high school, such as Project Lead The Way, extend the pathways through the K–12 systems, making the program a K-to-master’s system.

The AMT program has partnered with the Manufacturing Career Pathways Network and Hope Street Group to facilitate a free national workshop on May 23–25 in Washington, DC. The workshop is designed to help regional stakeholder teams implement similar programs locally. Session topics will include:

  • Regional Asset Mapping

  • Defining occupational and foundational competencies, linking them to high-quality credentials

  • Curriculum and Apprenticeships

  • Work-based Training

  • Costs and Recruitment

  • Participant/Student Support Services

Participants will leave the workshop prepared to engage regional stakeholders in their regions.

To learn more about the workshop and how to attend, visit the AMT Pathways Workshop event page. Please note that the content of the AMT pathways model is applicable to any employer of technicians. In fact, the FAME collaborative now includes several employers outside the industrial manufacturing sector, including Jack Daniels, Paradise Tomato, Raytheon, and BP. We encourage you to learn more about the program by visiting www.fame-usa.com or watching our latest feature at fortune.com.