CTE For Real

VIII. Forms and Resources

II. Essentials of Career Pathways and Adult Education Career Pathways

2.1 Level of Understanding: Education and Economic Development
2.2 Level of Understanding: Adult Education Career Pathways System
2.3 Adult Education: Moving Toward the "New Basics"
2.4 Employment Sector Growth
2.5 Career Pathways: Candidates for Entry of AE and ESOL Adult Learner
2.6 Florida Adult Education Career Pathways Checklist

III. Partnership Development

3.1 Connections to Existing Committees
3.2 Partners to Include
3.3 Return-on-Investment
3.4 Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders
3.5 Specific Agency Roles and Responsibilities
3.6 Ground Rules

IV. Model Frameworks

4.1 "Chunking" Discussion Form
4.2 Curriculum Practices Inventory
4.3 Credential Checklist
4.4 Credential and Training Provider Crosswalk
4.5 Credit Transfer Checklist
4.6 Bridge Program Design Steps: Strategies and Timelines

V. Funding for AECP

5.1 AECP ROI Worksheet
5.2 Worksheet: AECP Framework for Creating a Funding Plan
5.3 Sustainable Revenue Budget Worksheets
5.4 Monthly Revenue Statement
5.5 Sustainable Revenue Plan
5.6 Physical Therapy Assistant Equipment List

VI. Effective Advisory Boards

6.1 Ideas on How the Advisory Committee May Benefit Your Program
6.2 Structure of the Advisory Committee
6.3 Roles and Responsibilities for Officers
6.4 Potential Chairperson Rating
6.5 Choosing Business Members
6.6 Nonvoting/Consulting Members
6.7 Terms of Office
6.8 Sample Letter Requesting Membership
6.9 Sample Letter Releasing/Replacing a Member
6.10 Items to Be Included in Orientation of New Members
6.11A Sample Bylaws
6.11b Formalizing Structure Notes
6.12 How You Might Communicate with Members
6.13 Ideas for Streamlining Meetings
6.14 Ground Rules for Meetings
6.15 Effective Meeting Checklist
6.16 Schedule of Meetings
6.17 Sample "Save the Date" Notice
6.18 Sample Invitation Letter
6.19 Sample Thank You Letter to Participant
6.20 Sample Thank You Letter to Nonparticipant
6.21 Checklist for Advisory Committee Meeting
6.22 Agenda Items and Sample
6.23 Template for Minutes
6.24A Sample Annual Report
6.24B Sample Press Release
6.25 Communication Strategies
6.26 How Our Advisory Committee Could Use Technology
6.27 Program of Work Objectives
6.28 Subcommittee Objectives and Strategies
6.29 Program of Work Assessment
6.30 Self-Evaluation Tool
6.31 Lack of Participation Questions
6.32 Stagnant Advisory Committee Questions
6.33 Member Appreciation Checklist

VII. College and Career Readiness

7.1 Are We Addressing the Need for 21st-Century Skills?
7.2 Importance of Skills and Knowledge for College and Career Readiness
7.3 CCR Teams (Template A)
7.4 CCR Teams (Template B)
7.5 Portrait of Our English Language Arts Students
7.6 Portrait of Our History/Social Studies Students
7.7 Portrait of Our Science/Technical Students
7.8 Portrait of Our Mathematics Students