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Cybersecurity Modules

Project 2: Incident Response

Project Overview


Teams of students will review an organization's incident response policies, procedures, framework, and roles/responsibilities. They will then analyze the data to develop an incident response questionnaire and complete an investigation form as part of the incident response process.

Courses for Implementation:

  • Incident Response Procedures
  • NDG Security+ Lab 4

Key Terms/Major Topics:

  • Key terms: Incident response, CIRT, Policies, Incident Response Policies, Incident Response Procedure, data breach
  • Technical skills: Analyze the incident response policy, procedure, and workflow process to develop an incident response questionnaire to cope with a serious data breach.
  • Employability skills:
    1. Teamwork. Develop interview questions that determine if the incident should trigger a CIR level investigation.
    2. Problem solving. Analyze the incident response policy, procedures and workflow processes to identify questions that can be used to differentiate a CIR level investigation versus a non-critical investigation.
    3. Written communications. Write questions designed to gather relevant qualitative data associated with the incident.


Estimated Time Required: 1-2 hours