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Cybersecurity Cluster Modules

Project 3: Developing a Security Awareness Campaign

Project Overview


Security awareness is an ongoing effort within an organization—creating a culture that positions security awareness as a responsibility of all employees. This project examines security awareness programs at existing organizations using web research, and develops a survey to measure that awareness of security issues, like those listed from the web research, in the employees of ACME Healthcare. Students then plan, develop, and present plans for an awareness campaign to address selected initiatives listed by the ACME CSIO that hope to improve security awareness at ACME.

Courses for Implementation:

  • Security Awareness
  • Cybersecurity Essentials
  • Security+

Key Terms/Major Topics:

  • Key terms: Security awareness survey, security awareness campaign
  • Technical skills: Demonstrate a thorough understanding of basic information security issues, as evidenced by the creation of a security awareness survey instrument and development of a proposed security awareness campaign to address a given security initiative.
  • Employability skills:
    1. Teamwork. Work constructively and respectfully in teams to contribute to the analysis of vulnerabilities, creation of a survey instrument, development of a cybersecurity awareness campaign to address an assigned security initiative, and group presentation to a Planning Committee.
    2. Verbal communications. Demonstrate effective verbal communication skills to present and refine survey item ideas to teammates, correctly and professionally using correct terminology during development of a focused security campaign, culminating in a well-organized and delivered presentation with other team members that includes relevant supporting facts and details.
    3. Dependability/work ethic. Demonstrate a high level of honesty and professionalism by ones attire, demeanor, and attitude toward others, and a dependable, punctual work attitude that respects published policies and laws—both as a committee member reviewing other's work, and a developer of campaign initiatives.
    4. Planning and organizing. Communicate and collaborate with others to work with timelines and materials, manage tasks required of a project, organize and plan an initiative for a security awareness survey and campaign, and recognize/improve areas of weakness.


Estimated Time Required: 4 hours